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Keep extraordinary theatre thriving in our community

Make a difference in the lives of our performers and audiences

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It's not just talent

When audiences leave our performances, we often hear words like "amazing," "professional," "mesmerizing," and the most common: "Those were kids?!"... What you may not realize is what happened over the previous four months to make that magic happen. It's not only weeks and weeks of rehearsals, set-building, and costume sewing, it's really creating a story. We start on Day One at the first rehearsal letting everyone know that all performers are equally important and that we will be creating this together. As rehearsals progress, we hear from parents that their kids rush home from school anxious to get their homework done so they can get to the fun part of their day: rehearsal. We see the 10-year old first-time performer being mentored by the 18-year old veteran. And sometimes that quiet and shy child blossoms into a confident performer.

It all comes down to allowing these kids to become part of something bigger than themselves and discovering that they matter. Isn't that something we all need?